About Us

Our Story

Since 2010, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, fueled by their passion for Taiwanese culture and a shared ambition, have been devoted to crafting premium boba tea and other beverages. It was in that year that they inaugurated their first Teapioca Lounge establishment in Austin, Texas, heralding the inception of one of the pioneering boba tea franchise chains in the United States. Throughout its evolution, Teapioca Lounge has steadfastly upheld its commitment to excellence. As time has passed, Teapioca Lounge’s footprint has expanded, and our influence now reaches across the nation. Our dedicated patrons eagerly await the unveiling of newly featured drinks, while our irresistible menu immerses them in a delectable journey that ensures their continued loyalty.

Our Products

We present an expansive array of beverages, Macarons, and our in-house Taiwanese shaved ice line, Snowyn, continuously introducing fresh additions while upholding our pledge to incorporate top-notch ingredients that enhance our enticing menu. Our offerings undergo constant innovation to harmonize with seasonal trends and the most current market requirements. To enhance customer loyalty and convenience, we offer an in-house app that empowers customers to personalize their orders and benefit from rewards for their continued support. We take pride in providing a diverse product line for a diverse customer base which allows anyone to get something they enjoy at Teapioca Lounge.

Our Retail Site

Experience the essence of visiting our retail site, teapiocalounge.com. Our retail site is a valuable resource for franchise owners, offering a consumer-focused platform with numerous advantages for potential franchisees. teapiocalounge.com releases and engaging with our vibrant bubble tea community while enjoying our handcrafted beverages. Our store locator feature allows consumers to effortlessly search for a Teapioca Lounge near them, enabling franchise owners to maximize visibility, customer engagement, and profitability. Get more acquainted with our curated collection of handcrafted bubble teas, catering to our customers, and maximize growth, interactions, and profitability. Click here to visit our retail site today!