Steps To Own A Teapioca Lounge

Book a sales call: Teapioca Lounge offers several morning and afternoon meeting sessions throughout the week for an opportunity to learn more about our franchise. Click here to submit the inquiry form.

Learn about our franchise: Our team will cover our twelve steps to Franchising with Teapioca Lounge. You will also learn about our company history, our menu and product offerings, our fees, training program, and our support system.

Submit a franchise application: Complete the preliminary application to obtain a copy of our FDD. This will allow you to start the process of becoming a franchisee and give Teapioca Lounge the opportunity to evaluate your qualifications.

Review our FDD: Take your time, ask questions. The FDD will provide detail into our business model, history and experience.

Evaluate your financial position: Complete the detailed application to show proof of funding. Franchising with Teapioca Lounge requires a significant upfront investment. Evaluate your financial position to ensure that you have enough capital to cover the initial franchise fees, equipment, inventory, and operating expenses.

Establish your Business: In lieu of the Franchising Fee, we offer courses to get you ready for your business. This course will provide details on how to get your business established. Course manual will be provided, along with an online walkthrough of the course.

Site Search Strategy: In lieu of the Franchising Fee, we offer a site search course to provide site selection guidelines. This course will provide detail on what to look for in a site. Course manual will also be provided, along with an online walkthrough of the course.

Review and Sign Ongoing Franchise Agreement: Carefully review and sign the franchise agreement to understand the terms, fees, and obligations of becoming a Teapioca Lounge franchise

Choose your Location: Work with Teapioca Lounge to identify a suitable location for your franchise. Consider factors such as foot traffic, accessibility, and local competition.

Build Out the Store: Work with Teapioca Lounge to design and build out your store, ensuring that it meets the brand’s standards for layout, equipment, and decor.

Complete Training: Teapioca Lounge offers comprehensive training programs for franchisees, covering everything from store operations to customer service. Over four weeks of hands-on training, three weeks at our training center in Austin, TX and one week at your location.

Launch the Franchise: Work with Teapioca Lounge to launch your franchise, hosting both soft and grand opening events to generate buzz and attract customers.