Teapioca Lounge FAQ
Learn more about Teapioca Lounge, a growing Boba Franchise!
For more than a decade, we’ve served our authentic, Taiwanese tea, drinks and desserts to thousands of people, leading to countless smiles and precious memories. We value your enthusiasm for our brand and the positive impact we create in our communities. Our dedicated support team has compiled responses to frequently asked questions below and is ready to assist you with any further inquiries regarding our exceptional Boba franchise opportunity.
  • Teapioca Lounge is a Boba & Premium Tea brand established in 2010 in Texas.
    We began to offer opportunities to franchise starting in 2015.
  • Liquid assets of $150,000
  • Total Net Worth of 500,000
  • The ideal candidate should have an entrepreneurial outlook and a background in
    sales, marketing, restaurant, or retail sectors.

The estimated total investment for an inline or end-cap store can be between $311,650 – $644,200 (including a $44,000 initial fee). Your costs could be lower or higher depending on a number of factors, including your location. Please refer
to the Investment page  or Franchise Disclosure Document for
additional details.

  • We don’t offer in-house financing, but we are listed in the SBA registry and accept
    and assist with SBA loans.
  • While we don’t have an in-house real estate team, we provide you with site
    selection criteria and valuable guidance to help you choose the perfect location
    for each market.
  • A Teapioca Lounge Franchise typically thrives in spaces ranging from 1,500 to
    1,800 square feet, although smaller or larger stores are also viable options. These
    locations are commonly found in neighborhood and community strip centers,
    power centers, shopping malls, universities, airports, and downtown business
    districts. The ideal area typically boasts a vibrant residential population, robust
    daytime employment, bustling retail activity, and proximity to fitness facilities
    such as gyms and large parks. Moreover, it should offer excellent street visibility
    and presence, as well as convenient ingress and egress.
  • We focus on capturing the attention of millennials aged 16 to 35 as our primary
    target audience. However, we strive to create an inclusive environment that
    welcomes individuals of all ages and cultures. As we offer a premium product,
    our locations tend to attract guests with some discretionary income, enabling
    them to frequent our establishments regularly. To ensure the best fit, we seek out
    areas where average household incomes meet or surpass market standards. Our
    approach emphasizes inclusivity, allowing us to serve a diverse customer base
    that spans various demographics and backgrounds across all our locations.
  • Franchisees pay an ongoing royalty fee of 5% of their store’s weekly sales. An
    additional 2% of your weekly sales will be paid into the Teapioca Lounge’s
    Business Branding Fund. Additionally, every location currently pays a technology
    contribution of $135 weekly.
  • Every eligible candidate receives a comprehensive Teapioca Lounge Franchise
    Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes essential details such as the
    franchisor’s financial statements, copies of the franchise agreement and area
    development agreement, a list of existing franchisees available for contact, cost
    breakdowns, advertising fees, royalties, and initial franchise fees, among other
    pertinent information.
  • Our training program encompasses a total of 160 hours. It involves a minimum of
    two weeks of initial training in Austin, TX, a one-week refresher training before the
    grand opening, and an additional week of training at the franchisee’s location
    during the soft opening leading up to the grand opening.

  • Most of our stores are able to operate with 10-15 employees, having a mixture of
    full time and part time. Though it may vary depending on the location and level of
  • The majority of our locations are open from 11 am – 9 pm.
  • Please fill out our Contact Form  and one of our
    Development Team members will get in touch with you shortly.